Things To Do In Albir

Albir may seem like a very small town however, there many things to do. There is of course the lovely blue flag beach and it’s promenade. A walk to the lighthouse & exploring the Sierra Helada National park. There are the remains of the Roman villa to remind us of Albir’s origins. The Sunday market, which is always a popular morning attracting visitors & locals. The Frax Fundacion, which holds concerts & art exhibitions. A unique park, the Eucalyptus park. A cricket ground. Golf driving range and a host of summer activities to keep both children and adults fully occupied, happy & with a feeling of the holiday being complete!

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Albir ‘Blue Flag’ Beach & Promenade

To the right is the Sierra Helada and craggy rocks and coves, where people love to snorkel. There is a little sand here too, but the beach is mainly pebbles. The water is clear and safe for swimming and a lifeguard is on duty during the summer season. Sunbeds can be hired to tan comfortably and there are permanent shades from the hot sun. Pedaloes, canoes and paddle boards can also be hired.

Behind the beach are lots of restaurants and cafes, serving varying cuisines, some elevated for a superb view of the bay. It is on one of these cafes (Chicken House Pub) that our webcam is sited.

There is a road along the seafront and also a bike path as well as the promenade lined with palm trees. This promenade has the delightful name of ‘paseo de estrellas’ ( walk of the stars) because it is inlaid with stars with famous Spanish film stars names on – a bit like Los Angeles. This connects with the annual film festival where films are shown on a huge screen on the beach on summer evenings and people can watch with picnics.

There are public toilets and childrens’ playgrounds as well as a beach library and quiet shaded area for respite from the summer sun, where you can even play chess.

On the land side of the promenade there are a couple of tourist shops, a summer market and small funfair with trampolines and little rides. A little further along past the very nice Kaktus hotel, with It’s raised terrace with a seaview, there is a mini golf and an open air ‘chiringita’ beach, Spanish family restaurant. A huge look out towers over that end of the beach. The boundary with Altea is clearly marked just before roundabout on the road. It is a delightful walk along by the sea to Altea with a view of the old town on the hill

Beach Info’ & Services

Seafront promenade: Yes

Beach Type: Sand, Pebbles, Gravel

Type of sand: Golden

Conditions: Calm waters, Moderate waves

  • Features
    Length: 550 (m)
  • Width: 25 (m)
  • Occupancy rate: High
  • Marina: Puerto de Altea y Club Náutico
  • Distance to beach: 1,4 km


    Sunshade rental
    Sun lounger rental
  • Water craft rental
  • Toilets
  • Footwash
  • Tourist office
  • Litter bins
  • Cleaning service
  • Children’s play areas
  • Lifeguards available
  • Beach Library with WiFi

Canoes, Paddle Boards.
In summer months, you can hire canoes and paddle boards from the beach – With life vests included, you can easily explore the coves and caves here.

Pedaloes .
These colourful craft can be great fun for a group of friends or family.
There is a slide down into the sea and have a swim too. Some say hard work, but great fun too!


Albir Lighthouse – Sierra Helada National Park

The Sierra Helada mountain range separates Albir from Benidorm. It is a unique natural area with spectacular scenery, flora and fauna, and is a National park. It is possible to walk the length of it back to Benidorm, but that is not an easy walk and can take 4-5 hours. Costa Blanca Ticket Shop offer guided tours with experts. Most people like to make their own way up to the lighthouse – there is a road here that was built to service the lighthouse. On that road you can enjoy breathtaking views around the coast, the bay of Altea and to Calpe and the Penya d’Ilfach in the distance.

The lighthouse was built in 1863, to signal to shipping, the northern end of the Sierra Helada. Until the 1960’s it was inhabited by two lighthouse keepers. After that, new technology didn’t require a constant presence and the building fell into disrepair and was attacked by vandals, so in 2011 the city council of L’Alfaz del Pi carried out works to preserve it and made an exhibition centre, which now shows the story of pirates, soldiers, miners, fishermen, sailors, farmers and of course lighthouse keepers – all connected to this place. You can also learn about the geological structure of this mountain range and the sealife in the seas below. You may even be lucky enough to see bottle nose dolphins.

Also on the Sierra Helada are remains of Ochre mines. From the mid 19th century to the early 20th century, iron oxide was mined here. This was used to colour paint. There were even tracks for wagons to take the ochre down to the shore to be loaded on to boats.
Towards the Benidorm end of the mountain range there are the remains of more mines, this time they were for limonite at the Ti Ximo creek.

Another fascinating building (or rather ruin) on the Sierra Helada is the Bombarda tower. It was built because in the 16th century, this part of the Spanish coast was subject to attacks by pirates, and a series of watchtowers were needed to provide an early warning, in the form of a fire, so that the locals could prepare themselves.
Excellent easy walk to the Albir Lighthouse with superb views.

The walk is not too strenuous and is not too steep, you can rest in several places. The walk is like 5 km (the round trip – coming back the same way you got up). Even for people that are not used to longer walks, this walk has tarmac covering the whole way. Bring some water and enjoy the view on the bay of Albir, the sight of the Altea harbour and city and the Mediterrean sea. With a bit of luck you’ll see lots of birds, lizards, rabbits, butterflies, flowers & maybe if you are lucky Dolphins!


Roman Villa Albir

Those Romans knew How To Live! – More than 2000 years ago the Romans settled in the Costa Blanca and there was a villa here in Albir.

At the end of the 1st century AD, a new Roman town called Allon was settled, the present day Villajoyosa. The town territorium or municipal area included the marina Baxia region, to which l’Alfas del Pi &  Albir belongs. In the countryside Romans lived in Villas. Oil & wine were the main products in these rural sites. Like the Roman villa of Albir. The villa’s finest era began in the 4th century AD, when the baths were built. A large necropolis from the same period has also been found in Albir, containing a mausoleum.
All these remains found in Albir formed part of a rural hamlet which would have been focused entirely round the villa. The size of the various structures indicates that this was the home of a family with a high social status.

Your visit is FREE of charge and you will even be offered a hand held tablet that gives more information as you walk around the site. This should appeal to any ‘device hungry’ youngsters in the family. We strongly recommend a visit here – it doesn’t take long but gives a real insight into life here at that time. It could help a future history lesson come alive!

 Opening Times:

From 16th June – 14th September 2018

Tuesday – Saturday
10:00 to 12:00 / 18:00 to 21:00

Sundays & Bank Holidays
10:00 to 12:00



Albir Sunday Market

Mornings in Albir are always bustling, Sunday’s especially so! With people coming and going holding carrier bags or with armfuls of flowers!

The Sunday market is very popular and many combine it with a visit to a café for a coffee or to meet up with friends for lunch in one of the nearby restaurants.

If you prefer, you could buy your ready cooked chicken and some fresh vegetables and serve it at home on your terrace or in the garden, or even put together a picnic for the beach with fresh hams and cheeses, breads and pastries, and luscious freshly picked fruit.

You will find stalls offering everything you need from bikinis to baby clothes, leather hats and handbags and underwear to fit every size!

There are fresh herbs, spices, and handcrafted goods.

It is held in the centre of town, on the av. del Albir, on the site of a large car park that has free parking for the rest of the week.

The stallholders start packing up soon after lunch so don’t leave it too late or you will be swept up with the rubbish as the road sweeper vehicles go round to leave the site pristine again.

As with any market or crowded place, we advise you to be aware of pick pockets and make sure that you keep a tight hold of your bags.



Fundación Frax

This huge modern building right on the seafront, houses art exhibitions and concerts. Entry to the exhibitions is free. Although it has a long flight of steps up to the doors, there is a scenic lift at the side for those whose mobility is limited. It is open in the mornings from 9 until 3 and on Sundays from 10.30 to 2.00pm


Eucalyptus Park

This is quite an unusual park under the shade of very old & established eucalyptus trees.
They are meant to deter mosquitos!
There is a childrens’ play area and café and sometimes special events are held there.
Albir Fiestas take place in August – enjoy activities in the Eucalyptus Park, music and dancing in the streets until the early hours, and the fabulous grand finale firework display.


Luca Fun Park

In the summer months, this park provides entertainment for the children, with roundabout, F1 circuit, tourist train and trampolines – and of course candyfloss.
Open from June 1st through until the end of August it is hugely popular attraction. It also has a selection on market vendors selling many types of both touristic and artisan products.


Summer Evening Craft Market

Close by the anchor at the beginning of the Albir promenade you will find some stalls, lit with fairy lights and lanterns, selling home made craft items.
Fragrant soaps, candles and a lot of other interesting articles can be found here.
There are stalls where children can have their hair platted, temporary, colorful tattoos can be applied.
This small but interesting market is a pleasant addition to the evening scene here on the beach.


Mini golf

If you walk right along the promenade, past the lookout tower, you will come across the mini golf.
Fun for all the family and a proven timeless activity.
There are bumper cars on the site too & a small bar for the much needed refreshments at the “19th hole”!


Dry River Bed

This proves very useful when we get torrential rain and the dry river bed becomes a ‘wet’ river!. Indeed it is a flood prevention channel, as when the  rain flows off the mountains behind Albir, it carries the excess water down to the sea.
Either side are pathways planted with exotic trees and shrubs and it is a nice way to walk down to the seafront from the top end of town.


Cricket and Golf

Just a little way up the dry river bed from the beach end, there is a beautifully kept cricket pitch in Albir, complete with it’s own clubhouse, where there are regular matches at weekends with the Alfas Cricket club.
The field is shared with the golf driving range where enthusiasts can practice their swings.
There is a golf shop nearby to purchase your balls.


Bike & Segway Rentals

Bikes of all sorts are on offer to help you get around and have fun.
Electric bikes to take the strain out of hills, bikes with little carts to carry the children and lots more.
Rent by the hour, or the day. Segways also available, also scooters for those with mobility issues.