Sunday Market

Sunday mornings in Albir are always bustling – people coming and going holding carrier bags or with armfuls of flowers! The Sunday market is very popular and many combine it with a visit to a café for a coffee or to meet up with friends for lunch in one of the nearby restaurants. If you prefer, you could buy your ready cooked chicken and some fresh vegetables and serve it at home on your terrace or in the garden, or even put together a picnic for the beach with fresh hams and cheeses, breads and pastries, and luscious freshly picked fruit.

You will find stalls offering everything you need from bikinis to baby clothes, leather hats and handbags and underwear to fit every size!

There are fresh herbs, spices, and handcrafted goods.

It is held in the centre of town on the site of a car park that is free for the rest of the week.

The stallholders start packing up soon after lunch so don’t leave it too late or you will be swept up with the rubbish as the road sweeper vehicles go round to leave the site pristine again.

As with any market or crowded place, we advise you to be aware of pick pockets and make sure that you keep a tight hold of your bags.