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We are well catered for here in Albir – there are the usual Chinese sell everything ‘Todos’, of course but also higher quality shops selling designer fashion, shoes, handbags, jewellery and homeware. The ‘Todos’ seem to be always open, but the other shops keep to Spanish hours and close for a while in the afternoons, then open again in the evenings. That means that we can enjoy a browse on the way to have dinner in a restaurant or buy a new saucepan to cook our own dinner! The exception to this are the supermarkets that stay open from morning to night and some even Sunday mornings. Ex-pats from lots of countries can find their favourite brands of baked beans, sausages, apple mousse, sauerkraut for example or speciality biscuits, cakes and confectionery.

Like most places in Europe there are sales, “Rebajas” in Spanish – mid season, in January and in July with hefty reductions.
If you are watching your budget, why not visit the two charity shops that we have here, you get a bargain, help a worthwhile cause and help to save the environment!

Shopping is a delight in the laid back, uncrowded streets of Albir. No stress just pleasurable purchasing!

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