Rubbish recycling

With climate change very much in the news, we should all try to ‘do our bit’ towards saving the planet. In Albir we are well served with rubbish bins – at least one on every street. All household waste and unwanted things can be put in them and if something you no longer need still may have some use for others, you can leave it by the side of the bin for anyone to take. Basically, it is the idea of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.  With what we have seen put out, one could have furnished a home!

On a delightful walk one evening recently, we were dismayed to see that rubbish had been dumped among the pine trees, making a beautiful place ugly, when it was only a few yards to the nearest dumpster.

For around 10€ a month, our rubbish is collected every night, keeping our streets clean and vermin free.

If you want to help even more, you could sort your recycling and put papers and cardboard, bottles  into separate bins.

As someone once said – ‘we only have one earth, there is no plan B’ – unless you fancy living on the moon!