Ruta Tapas De Cine – Movie Tapas Route

To celebrate the 30th edition of the Alfas del Pi Film Festival –  There is a special Movie Tapas Route, running from today the 5th July until 15th July 2018. Twenty one cafes in the Alfas & Albir area are taking place in this gastronomic event.

The annual Alfas film festival always runs parallel events in combination with festival. Such as concerts, art exhibitions etc.
This year there has been a Tapas route devised.
21 cafes are participating, listed below. The idea being that they are serving a gourmet Tapas + a beer, wine or soft drink for the price of 3.00 €uro.
You the taster of these delightful treats, have to vote in a little booklet provided by all the participating cafes.


Rate the Tapas on a scale of 1 to 5 and get the particular cafe to stamp the book and after you have sampled at least 11 of the 21 selections, fill your name and address in on this page and hand it in to the Culture Palace in Alfas del Pi, in a sealed envelope.
You will then be entered into a raffle for 10 bodega Torres wine packs!

Here are the cafes which are participating in Albir:

Chicken House Pub.
Frax Fusion.
La Rivera.
Nuevo Capriccio.
Paradise Cafe.

Here are the cafes which are participating in Alfas:

Canas & Coffe.
Casa de la Cultura.
El Raspallo.
Pasta Fresca.
Septimo Arte.

Sounds like a fun competition to enter, why not have a go!…..

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